Cube Art? Who Knew!

This phenomenal Martin Luther King, Jr. mosaic came to me through Facebook on, appropriately, MLK Day. It’s gorgeous, and huge. I love it. And THEN I came to realize it’s made of Rubik’s Cubes. It’s awesome, and most definitely worth sharing. Some quick Googling and I found the artist, Pete Fecteau, and his website and blog entry on this project as well as the next project he hopes to accomplish.

I also learned that Rubik’s Cube Mosaics are kind of a trend, and there’s a group in the Toronto area, Cube Works Studio, that makes all kinds of art with cubes. I’d love to own several of their mosaics, including a couple of the their works made out of crayons.

But what I really want to know is, where do they get all of their cubes? Pete borrowed his for the MLK Mosaic, but I have to believe the Cube Works group purchases theirs and the cheapest Rubik’s Cube I could find was nearly $13. Wow!