Remember Me! Please?

A hamburger and a ping pong ball with a face on it don't have much in common. Yet when you see one of those little balls on someone's car antennae you immediately think of Jack in the Box burgers.  Why? Because the company has spent considerable time, effort and resources to draw an indelible link between that image and the company itself.  Your brain is now helpless to consider the two  linked at the most fundamental level.  Voila, that's branding.

Use Your Inner Geek to Save You Money

This is the third in a series of articles on Needs Analysis.

On the Geek Scale (1-10), where are you—are you a taped glasses, pocket protector 10? An iPod-using, Google-searching 4? Or maybe an "I don't even know how to turn ON a computer" 1? No matter where you are on this scale, you can bring out your inner geek to save money when getting proposals for a project.

Programmers' Dirty Little Secret

Learn about the dirty little secret that many developers keep from you, and what you can do to avoid it.

Headed for Camp!

While we won't be doing any swimming, canoeing, or hiking at DrupalCamp WI this weekend, we're looking forward to spending some time outside of the office with a few folks from the Drupal community.

I'm the Idiot, Really

Years ago, I sometimes thought people were stupid.

In my 20 years as a programmer, I have never—not once—gotten a Request for Proposal (RFP) that had enough detail that I could accurately estimate the project. Why don't they give enough information? I used to wonder. Luckily, in 20 years I've also learned that whenever I think there's stupidity around, I only need to check the mirror to find the source. Works every time.

What's all this Drupal stuff you keep talking about?

We've had a number of clients ask us this question recently. Different people will tell you different things about what Drupal is and why they use it. For Pushing7, it's all about knowing that we're building sites on a flexible platform that can evolve in virtually any direction. What this means for our clients is is that when we're presented with questions about whether we can add a feature or display content in a specific way, we can answer the question with a resounding "yes!"

New Pushing7 Website Showcases Creativity and Flexibility

Hello friends!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We’re very excited to show it off. As you know, successful companies aren’t afraid to push to keep current with client needs and trends. This is especially true of marketing companies, which is why we’ve chosen to showcase the new website features and ideas we have to offer.