Hosting Services

At Pushing7, we provide a variety of solutions to help meet your hosting needs.

Basic Hosting

We understand that not everyone’s needs require a content management solution. Our basic hosting package is a great option for smaller sites.

Included Features

  • Automated Nightly Backups
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Automated Uptime Monitoring
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains and Addon Domains
  • Site statistics via AWStats or Webalizer
  • SFTP Access
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 5GB SSD Space

Managed Hosting

Our fully managed hosting solution is perfect for customers who have built Drupal and Laravel projects with us. This option lets you focus on your site while we handle the technical details. Let us take care of ongoing security updates, module/extension/dependency upgrades, uptime monitoring, spam filtering, and performance checkups while you focus on running your business and evolving your site to meet your customers needs.

Included Features

  • All services from Basic Hosting (above)
  • Ongoing security and software updates for web application software (e.g., Drupal core and contributed modules, Laravel code and related project dependencies). *
  • 24/7 support to assist with critical maintenance tasks. Critical maintenance tasks include known security vulnerabilities or situations that would prevent a site visitor from accessing the site or from completing a task that is essential to the operation of the site.
  • Up to two requests for basic changes to site configuration per month. Requests for basic changes must be related to existing functionality of the site and that be completed within 30 minutes, typically without updating source code.
  • Ongoing upgrades for server operating system and underlying dependencies (ex. PHP version upgrades, Database upgrades, SSH, etc.) when supported by the web application software.
  • Remediation in case a site is hacked or data is lost. This includes any tasks related to taking the site offline, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities that caused the issue, and (if necessary) restoring sites from backup.
  • 25GB SSD Space

*Security and software updates are limited to the lifecycle of the framework that your site was built on. Major version upgrades (e.g., Drupal 7 to Drupal 8) or transitions that would require a significant rewrite of your site (e.g., upgrading a site written in PHP 5 to be compatible with PHP 7) are not included in this plan and would require a separate upgrade project. We do our best to continue to support sites that have not been upgraded for many years but cannot support older sites on our hosting platform indefinitely.

Optional Features

  • CiviCRM customer relationship management and mass email system integration
  • Database MySQL/MSSQL/SQLite Database
  • Solr Search Integration (1 Solr Index)
  • Git repository access with support for customizable DevOps workflows

Domain Registration and DNS Management

Let’s face it, the process of registering, configuring, and renewing your domain name(s) can be a hassle. For a small annual fee, we’ll take care of these details for you.

Virtual Desktop Hosting

If your business has need for a Virtual Desktop, Pushing7 can build a cloud-based workstation for your use, including operating and administering the Pushing7 Hypervisor to provide Internet access to the VM and maintaining security on your behalf.


Service Setup Monthly Annual
Basic Web Site Hosting $150 $17 $200
Managed Hosting $250 $42 $500
CiviCRM Hosting $250 $42 $500
Node.js Hosting $125 $25 $300
Domain Registration & Management     $40 (first domain)
$30 (each additional domain)
Virtual Desktop Hosting $125 $25 $300

If you’ve got an existing domain name or web site to transfer, we’d be happy to help. Domain and content transfers vary based on the complexity of the project and are billed based on time and materials.